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Privacy Policy

PRIVACY POLICY EU General Data Protection Regulation Art. 12–14 Date: 19 November 2020 1. DATA CONTROLLER University of Helsinki Address: P.O. Box 3 (Fabianinkatu 33), 00014 University of Helsinki, Finland 2. CONTACT PERSON Name: *** Address: *** E-mail: *** 3. CONTACT DETAILS OF THE DATA PROTECTION OFFICER The Data Protection Officer of the University of Helsinki can be reached at ***. 4. WHAT DATA DO WE COLLECT AND FOR WHAT PURPOSE? User data The following data will be collected for the purpose of enabling the use and functioning of the FSO website and exercises, and providing you with information about the exercises you have already completed: • Username • Email address • Progress of your use of the website so as to make it possible for you to start where you left off Research data The following data will be collected for the purpose of scientific research related to language learning: • First language / mother tongue • Education • Age (5-year birth-year spans) • Optional: other languages learnt • Optional: reasons for learning Finland Swedish • Word search information Our research will focus on trying to learn more about the way a foreign language (e.g. Swedish) is learnt, what kind of exercises spurs learners on and which makes them less motivated to continue and likely to drop out. Our main focus is however to learn more about how Swedish as a foreign language is learnt. Data collected for research purposes will be pseudonymised before it is used for research. This will be done directly on download of the data for research purposes, within the system all information is kept unless the user asks for its deletion. If you delete your Finland Swedish Online (FSO) account your data will be deleted from the online course system, but data in pseudonymized form may be kept for research. If in addition you send an email to the contact person (see §2 above) of Finland Swedish Online (FSO), then only anonymised data necessary for the purposes of the research will be retained, the rest will be deleted. Teaching materials If you have participated in the creation of teaching material such as photographs, voice recordings or videos for Finland Swedish Online (FSO), the material may include your personal data, such as your voice or likeness, or information you may have disclosed about yourself in the materials. Cookies and website analytics Please consult the cookie policy see: 5. SOURCES OF PERSONAL DATA Personal data is collected from these sources: • FSO registration form • Exercises on the FSO website • Cookies on the FSO website • People providing teaching materials to FSO 6. DURATION OF PROCESSING Your personal data will be stored for as long as you have an account on the FSO website. Any identifiable data will be deleted when you delete your account if you contact the contact person in section 2 above. Data used for research purposes will normally be pseudonymized and if requested further anonymization can be done. Data is stored in pseudonymized form for as long as they are needed for the purposes of the research unless the user requests further anonymization. Further anonymization will hinder certain types of research on language acquisition and will therefore only be done if explicitly requested. In that case anonymized data can be kept for research for as long as necessary. Personal data can also be provided by giving us access to your photos or by participating in sound or video recordings to create course materials. For these purposes email (or other written messages) is used as a means of giving consent to the use of photos, sound recordings and / or video recordings on the course. 7. LAWFUL BASIS OF PROCESSING Personal data is processed on the following lawful bases: User data Personal data related to the use of the Finland Swedish Online (FSO) website is processed on the basis of legitimate interest (Article 6(1)(f) of the General Data Protection Regulation) and Section 205 of the Act on Electronic Communications Services. The processed data is necessary for the registration of users, the functioning of the website (as described in the cookie policy URL) and to track the completion of exercises of a specific user. Research data Personal data is processed on the basis of performance of a task carried out in the public interest – scientific research (Article 6(1)(e) of the General Data Protection Regulation and section 4, subsection 1, paragraph 3 of the Finnish Data Protection Act). Teaching materials Personal data of people who appear in teaching materials is processed on the basis of performance of a task carried out in the public interest (Article 6(1)(e) of the General Data Protection Regulation) and Section 2 of the Universities Act (promotion of academic education and lifelong learning), as well as academic expression (Section 27 of the Data Protection Act). 8. TRANSFERS OF PERSONAL DATA Google analytics is used as described in the Cookie policy ( Google analytics might process data outside the European Economic Area, for more information please see: Apart from this, no personal data will be transferred to recipients outside the European Economic Area. 9. SAFEGUARDS TO PROTECT THE PERSONAL DATA Data is stored on servers operated by University of Helsinki and can only be accessed by the system administrator for Finland Swedish Online (employed by the University of Helsinki) in total and administrators of Finland Swedish Online (employed by the University of Helsinki) of the course can access partial information. Administrator access to the course is only given to course developers. 10. YOUR RIGHTS AS A DATA SUBJECT, AND EXCEPTIONS TO THESE RIGHTS The contact person in matters concerning the rights of the participant is the person mentioned in section 2 of this notice. Rights of data subjects According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), data subjects have the right • of access to their data • to rectification of their data • to the erasure of their data and to be forgotten • to restrict the processing of their data • to data portability • to object to the processing of their data • not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing. Not all of these rights can be exercised in all situations, depending on factors such as the basis for the processing of personal data. For more information on the rights of data subjects in different situations, please see the Data Protection Ombudsman’s website: Right to lodge a complaint You have the right to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Ombudsman’s Office if you think your personal data has been processed in violation of applicable data protection laws. Contact details: Data Protection Ombudsman’s Office (Tietosuojavaltuutetun toimisto) Address: Ratapihantie 9, 6th floor, 00520 Helsinki Postal address: B.O. Box 800, 00521 Helsinki Tel. (switchboard): 029 56 66700 Fax: 029 56 66735 E-mail: ***